Panic moment

So, we think we are almost ready for ship date, when someone pouring over rules happens to notice R43 in section 8. Our design uses expanded metal on the ‘floor’ of our robot. And all components are fastened to it one way or another. Some components have rubber grommets, but not all. We also used duct tape to cover all edges of the expanded metal. Are we breaking R43?

There is a similar discussion here:

No, you are not in trouble. The rule relates to the fact that the chassis of the Crio and the camera are both tied to the negative power lead of the battery. When these devices are mounted on the frame of the robot, then the frame becomes tied to the negative terminal of the battery. Certain sensors are also wired this way and the KOP sensor boards can contact the frame if not properly mounted. If you are worried then follow the procedure in the link above to find out for sure.