Panthrobotics Video Game Uproar

Panthrobotics is pleased to announce its first annual Video Game Uproar. Please donate your used video-games or video-game consoles to the Our Lady of The Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Games for all ages are needed and all Game Ratings are accepted.

We are especially looking for DS consoles and games. You can send any donation to:

Woodlawn High School
C/O Daniel L. Eiland
15755 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70817

Doesn’t Master Chief’s helmet provide for air filtration already? Just kidding, this is a great idea and I hope it goes well!

Team 2980 would really like to help out with this. We will start up a collection at our school and send what we collect on Bag day. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!


We are excited to hear that another team will be working with us. If you would like, I could send you the original publisher doc for the flier. Oh… And so far we’ve collected 40 games, 2 DS consoles and one Gameboy Advanced… That’s just coming from kids in my own classes. The real drive starts on Monday.

Just to give a bit more information. . .my contact at the hospital said that they only have one Xbox 360, one PS2 and a Wii… At the moment they only have six games for the 360 and are short controllers for all platforms. I couldn’t imagine being a child in pain having to sit in a bed for months at a time with nothing to do. . .I’m excited that our teams have decided to help. Makes me proud.

So after talking to the parents, we will be sending you half of the games and stuff we collect. The parents want to donate some to the local hospital also. :slight_smile: Guess charity starts at home. In any case I’ll keep you posted on what we collect.


That it does. Make sure to check with the hospital to see their rules and regs (such as what consoles they have and accepted ratings). One thing we were asked to do was to sort the games by console and have a special sort for teens.

We have a small pile of DS and PSP games to send you. I just hope it isnt too late. I will make sure they get mailed in the next two days.