paper: 07-08 Toltech recruitment flyers

I was hoping to add a poll to this thread just to gauge which poster(s) where most popular as a means of getting some feedback. If you wouldn’t mind viewing all six posters and then post here with your top two or three. Thanks,

07-08 Toltech recruitment flyers
by: Andrew Schuetze

Here are some student generated flyers. Work was performed by Graphic Arts Students in the Mac lab of Kathy Bruane on our campus. Also the source of our back - back LSR animations.

These were created by the students after viewing the versions that I created last year based upon those submitted by the FireBirds.

No offense, but to me none of them convey any notion of what FIRST and FRC are. If I saw those and had no idea what Toltech or FIRST were about, I still would have no idea.

Interesting take and I should have added that these are to post around school and are not specifically advertising for FIRST.
Here is a link to the source / inspiration.

I believe that the objective is to get students to stop and look and possibly generate interest in a club that has a sense of humor and is not all nerds:D


I really like all your posters. It can be hard to grab someone’s attention; these are creative, fun and will make students take a 2nd look. I bet they generate a buzz on campus. When you announce the date and time of your new members meeting, turnout should be greater due to interest generated by your “ad campaign”.

Just be sure to hang them high -someone always seems to enjoy ripping posters down or adding his own art.

Good luck!

My favorite 3 were #2, #3 and #6. I didn’t like #1 at all and #4 was just ok. #5 would be better with less words.

Good approach! I can see them on the walls of any High School!