paper: 1341 Pit Scouting Sheet

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1341 Pit Scouting Sheet
by: Adam Richards

The first one released this season. Stay tuned for a match scouting sheet soon!

The first one released this season. Stay tuned for a match scouting sheet soon!

1341 Pit Scouting Sheet.doc (33 KB)
1341_Pit_Scouting_Sheet.pdf (25.9 KB)

If anyone has any questions/comments/suggestions, please feel free to let me know. I’m always open to others’ opinions.

I just have one question. Is the color of another team’s goggles really necessary to include in your scouting sheet?

Too much technical detail. I don’t care so much about what joysticks they use, what sensors they have, or how many degrees of freedom they have. I just care about how well they hang tubes, how effective their drivers are, and things like that.

Also, any team that doesn’t have “Clear” checked can’t be in the pit.

Not necessarily, but I’m a fan of having the best possible picture of the team I’m playing with or against.

Re-read the rules. You are allowed amber tinted glasses if you so choose (shaded glasses, aka sunglasses are barred).

It looks nice and all, but don’t you think it’s a bit too technical? I would personally watch the robot perform and see how they perform during matches. Just because a team has a “tilt,” or “pan” control doesn’t mean they will dominate. I like the scouting sheet, use it but I would also suggest you to take all friday matches from team 108 and go back to the hotel room and watch them. It makes your life easier.

I’m use to be a member of team 121 in Rhode Island. I would like to start a Team in Port Charlotte, FL. Is there someone I can contact about this???:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

About a new team?

Well…I’m sure you know all of the resources available to you.

If your question is geared toward scouting, PM me or post a message and I can answer it.

If it geared toward starting a new team, I’m sure your best place to start would be .