paper: 1511 Recycle Rush Scouting Documents

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1511 Recycle Rush Scouting Documents
by: ThunderousPrime

1511’s 2015 Scouting Sheets. To be used in conjunction with a scanner for data processing, robot pictures and video scouting.

These are the match scouting and pit scouting documents that I made for this year. They are to be supplemented with pictures for both the scouters and the coach. An unwritten part of pit scouting in my opinion is taking a picture of the robot. Feel free to download or use the scouting system. I can answer questions about it either on a thread or through PM. The scouting system uses a scanner to read the match scouting sheets like a scantron and then put them into a spreadsheet. The coach will carry around the Pit Scouting Sheets for Match planning.

Recycle Rush Match Scouting (183 KB)
Recycle Rush Pit Scouting Sheet.docx (15 KB)
Recycle Rush Match Scouting Sheet.pdf (196 KB)