paper: 1712's $750 Drive & Chassis

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1712’s $750 Drive & Chassis
by: Rich Kressly

FRC 1712’s $750 Drive & Chassis

For those looking for low cost, robust drive and chassis solutions here is FRC Team 1712’s 2007 setup, complete with two deck chassis material. If you can cut extrusion and have a drill and a bandsaw, any team can do this with ease. In addition, we were able to have the drive up and running in its final form just 12 days after kickoff which we feel was a huge key to our success. The real “secret” for us was the AM Gearbox. What an incredible product for the price! Further cost reduction could be achieved by utilizing more kit parts. While this is certainly not the most finely engineered system, it proved to be very competitive and very low maintenace running through the quarter finals of the Philadelphia Regional and the semi-finals of the Galileo division only needing chain tightening/adjustment. Photos are here:
pic: 1712 Robot w/ Ramps Deployed, February 13 - CD-Media: Photos - Chief Delphi

750Drive_Chassis.xls (34 KB)