paper: 1732's Two Person Scouting System (2014)

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1732’s Two Person Scouting System (2014)
by: XaulZan11

1732 Hilltopper Robotics’ 2014 Scouting System.

After testing out our new two-person scouting system at Central Illinois and posting the results, we’ve had several teams ask for more information about the system.

The system is a basic paper scouting sheet that gets entered in an excel database after each match. Each scout records data for one of the alliances. Everything (instructions, scouting sheet, database) is included in the excel file.

There is one disclaimer: The data collected is not intended to give a perfect picture of teams. On 1732, this data will only be a portion of our scouting efforts this season. In addition to two scouts recording data, we will have our strategy team (6 students and 2 mentors) watching for qualitative informaton. But, if your team only has a few students available to scout, this system is a fantastic option and would give you an advantage over most teams.

FRC1732_2014_ScoutingSystem.xlsm (126 KB)
FRC1732_2014_ScoutingSystem_V2.xlsm (125 KB)

I’m not sure if anyone else is planning on using this for the championship, but I’ve uploaded a new version, which now keeps track of passes per match instead of possessions lost.

Note: the Excel database as been tested on Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013. The formatting looks best on 2007, but it functions and looks good on all.