paper: 2006 Niagara FIRST Public Championship Scouting Database

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2006 Niagara FIRST Public Championship Scouting Database by

A few people have been asking about it, so here it is. The Annual Niagara FIRST Championship Scouting Database. If there are any comments or concerns please let me know. If there are any major errors I’ll try and post and update. Feel free to cannibalize this in any way you want.

Cheers and Good Luck.

Yet another great scouting tool from Karthik… Good job!

Where did you find the UTC qual data? I’m still scouring for it.

Thanks Karthik :slight_smile:

The champions and finalists for the SoCal regional are reversed. 330 was a finalist while 968, 1138, and 4 were champions.

Also, can you check the BAE Draft positions? I think 138 should be 2 and not 3, 296 should be 3 and not AC2, 1547 should be 14 and not 15, and 155 should be 15 and not 14. Either that, or the data FIRST currently has posted is wrong.

Great job (again), Karthik. :slight_smile:

There is some data missing for the eight teams that were at STL:

16 (The Bomb Squad)
71 (Team Hammond)
537 (Charger Robotics)
547 (F.E.A.R.)
650 (Hella’s Angels)
967 (Mean Machine)
1625 (Winnovation)
1723 (FBI).

All these teams are listed as “Did Not Make Eliminations” for that regional, but all actually did.

16 was a finalist. 71, 537, amd 547 were the regional winning alliance. 650, 967, 1625, and 1723 were all either quarterfinalists or semifinalists – I don’t have notes from the STL eliminations, and the FIRST records have not been posted yet.

If I remember right…650 and their alliance were semifinalists and 1625 and their alliance were quarterfinalists.

On behalf on 173, Thank you, thank you, thank you. You save me a lot of time, and energy.


Great job again. I have some other incorrect data though:

Regional WINNERs at Peachtree, not Finalists.

Thanks Karthik,

I had just asked the kids to do this while on school vaction and they pointed me straight here.

Could you explain the divisions some more, what’s AC4 mean? Sorry, I’m kinda stupid when it comes to that. :stuck_out_tongue:

AC4 = Alliance #4 captain.

Could this please also be posted in an csv so I don’t have to go find a Windows machine with Excel?

Plain text works as well.

Very awesome, good job, one thing I saw,

1138, 4, and 968 were so cal regional winners, not finalists.

The way it works is you imput a team number, and if they’re going to Atlanta, the data from their regional events will appear in a chart. A plain text file of the “raw data” page will be alot harder to use quickly and effectively.

Another mentor and I were trying to figure out how you calculate the value for seed %. We weren’t able to quite figure it out. Can you explain that one?

Well from what I have seen the seed percentage is saying how much percentage of the competition you seeded higher than. Take for example 229. We seeded 6th at FLR.

Since there were 30 teams at FLR:

100% - (4(seed) / 30 (# of teams) * 100) = ~83%

the iner part gives you a the percentage of teams that did better than you. so just subtract that number from 100 and you get the number of teams you did better then.


Let t = number of teams at the regional
Let s = the team’s seed

Seed % = (t - s + 1)/t
= 1 - ((s-1)/t)

As Tim mentioned, this calculation produces the percentage of teams a given team was seeded higher than.

Ok, this post embodies the reason that Karthik has a degree in math and the rest of us don’t… :wink: