paper: 2007 Championship Event Scouting Database, presented by Team 1114

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2007 Championship Event Scouting Database, presented by Team 1114
by: Karthik

2007 Championship Event Scouting Database

Here’s our traditional public scouting database. We are aware that some data is missing, and some data is incorrect. Due to time constraints, no updates will be issued. Enjoy.

2007 Championship Scouting Database.xls (507 KB)

Here’s our 4th annual Championship Event database. We are well aware that some data is missing. Also, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the data. I think it’s close to 99% accurate. Unfortunately, there will be no updates to the public edition of the database.

Thanks should go to Team 1114’s Team Strategy for the creation of this database, especially Geoff Allan and Roberto.


Cool data. Thanks for getting this out so quickly :slight_smile:

They’ve been working on it over the past few days, waiting for the divisions to be posted, salivating like hungry dogs at the anticipation.

Now the big dog can finally eat!

Thanks, KK.

Thanks Karthik, this gives me an idea about what we’re up against! 22 Regional Winners and Finalists in Galileo. This is gonna be 1 wild ride!

Team 1515 was a finalist at the Colorado regional. The database said we did not get chosen.

Just a note, we never received complete data for the elimination alliances of the Kansas City, Brazil, Israel and Colorado regionals. As a result there will be missing and/or incorrect data for the teams who attended these events. We assigned the task of finding this data to Roberto, but Roberto is just one man.

the probelm with a database to predict who is going to win is the effect that happends when 3 teams begin to work together. a robot evauated alone gives it no credit for the ability to work with other teams

This database is a great supplement to the online scouting we’ve been doing before the Championship, thank you. Also, I realize that it is an incredible feat for one person to undertake, so I understand the inaccuracy, but I just wanted to point out that 1124 won the UTC CT Regional, which the database didn’t mention.

I’m not sure which sheet you’re looking at, but when I use the database 1124’s win of the UTC regionals definitely does appear.

Thank you 1114! This worksheet saves many teams tons of work.


This is very handy. I remember seeing a version of this long time ago in 2004 made by Joe Johnson and another one by Karthik. Nice job.

Wow this is awesome, nice work guys.

We remember that you won at UTC. Good job guys.

My drivers have found this to be a very useful tool for “pre” scouting. Everyone should still watch the quals on their field, the way a team is performing the weekend of the championships is the most important factor in choosing partners. Different regionals have different styles of play and so will the championship.

Great program, very nice to have the information. Just one thing, Team 269 was picked 4th at Wisconsin, not 15th or whatever it says.

Anyways, other than that, I have found this program to be a great help, this year and last. Thanks Karthik.

Thank you Team 1114!
This is a huge aid for teams with limited scouting resources.

This is truly amazing!!! Helps me out a lot :slight_smile: Awesome job!!!

Awesome Job! You guys are great. But How long did this take?

This database is great…great for scouting people!