paper: 2007 IRI Match Results and Rankings

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2007 IRI Match Results and Rankings
by: Chris Fultz

All matches and final rankings from the 2007 IRI, from the scoring computer.

All matches and final rankings from the 2007 IRI, from the scoring computer

2007 IRI Match List.xls (26.5 KB)
2007 IRI Rankings.xls (21 KB)

Attached are two files - the Match Results, inclluding Qualifications and Eliminations,
and the Ranking list after Qualifications.

Thanks to Mark Koors for coming back to Indy to get the info from the computers.

Thanks, Chris, for posting and Mark Koors for gathering this data. Now only if we had the videos to go along with this information…:smiley:

This data is up on The Blue Alliance Match Archive System.

Now all we need is video… :smiley:

Do you have any way to get it?

I was talking with a mentor from 494 at IRI and I believe he was video-taping the entire event.

NASA is going to provide us a copy of the tapes from Saturday and we will find a way to make the info available.

We dont have Fridays matches – but on the list of “tings to remember for 2008” is “Video Recorder for field feed”.

Is there a way to put the fourth teams on the list for the eliminations?

Ex: 1 2 3 (4) vs 5 7 8 (6). The parenthesis to identify that they were on the alliance but their robot was not played that match.


The first 4 matches listed in the results are actually matches 68-71. The 66th and 67th matches listed are replays of earlier matches (although I’m not sure which matches they are).

This is an inherent problem of the FIRST scoring system. Matches are listed in order of time played, not qualification number. There is no way to get this statistic from the info provided publicly. I will adjust these matches to be right (someone remind me if I forget), but hopefully they will fix this for next year.

Regarding the 4th team, I can try. I’m not going to revise the system unless FIRST adopts this officially, since it adds lots of overhead to the whole system.

There was only one replay and that was originally match #12.

There was one other match when the fuse blew just as 330 had lowered their ramps. That match was replayed immediately - well, immediately after the field power came back.