paper: 2008 IRI Layout and Schedule

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2008 IRI Layout and Schedule
by: Andy Baker

This is the layout and schedule for the 2008 IRI. Pit locations, robot flow, practice field, and event timing is shown.

Details of the schedule and layout are seen on this pdf document.

09 IRI Layout 7-11.pdf (39.1 KB)

Here is a valuable white paper for all attending IRI.

If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask.

Andy Baker

Thanks a bunch Andy!

Just out of curisoity if anyone knows, how big in Square Feet is that High School?

That school was insanely huge! :ahh:

It’s big and what you saw didn’t include McKenzie Career Center where the team is based.

But if you want to see a really big school, I’ll show you Warren Central next time you are in Indy. It’s over 1 million square feet under roof.

Was that the building that was on the first road perpendicular to Hague driving South of LNHS?
I did see that that building if so.

Also, being a n00b to IRI this year, what team is based out of LNHS (if any)?
Was it 234? A few of us (East Coasters) were trying to figure that out, & never got around to actually asking anyone from 234. lol :yikes:

1024 is LNHS and the McKenzie Career Center. They provide the venue and run the concessions. 234 is Perry Meridian. If I’m not qualified to answer this question because I am from lowly Ohio, fiddlesticks to you!

about half or so of 1024’s students attend LNHS

To answer the other question. Yes McKenzie is located first road perpendicular to Hague driving South of LNHS. (75th Street)

234 is from Perry Meridian High School, on the south side of Indy.

When 45 wanted to move the IRI to Indianapolis, they partnered with 234 and 393. Lawrence Township / McKenzie Career Center was working to start a team, so the first IRI in Indy was there to raise awareness in the community and to help them raise money (concessions) to get a team started. Team 1024 was formed and competed the next season.