Paper: 2008 Team 1114 Championship Database

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2008 Team 1114 Championship Database
by: Karthik

The 5th annual Team 1114 Championship Database. Attached in both Excel 2003 and 2007

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2000 Team 1114 Championship Database (Excel 2007).xlsx (1.82 MB)
2008 Team 1114 Championship Database.xls (4.46 MB)

wow this is just amazing… anyone going to the champs take a look at this it will make your scouting a lot easier. This is a great resource.

edit: Thanks a bunch Roberto!

Greetings all,

Attached is the 2008 Team 1114 Championship Database. This year’s database includes full results for every team who competed in the 2008 season as well:

  • An interface allow you pull an individual team’s record
  • Full listing of awards, record & finish
  • Team scoring averages
  • “Calculated Contribution” which is the same calculation being refered to as OPR on these forums. This calculation usings linear alegbra to determine what a team’s average input to their alliance was at each regional. (Only using qualifying match results) We found an average correlation between R = 0.7 and 0.85 to observed emperical scouting data
  • Master sheets for each division, and for all FIRST teams.

The data we have was all mined from the FIRST website. There may be some errors, but I’m confident the data is 98.1114% accurate. We will not be issuing any updates this year due to time constraints.

In the past we have never released any of our regression analysis (Calculated Contribution), this year since people have become more knowledgable on the subject we decided to make the change. Please do not take a poor score as a slight or an insult. We simply used the actual scores from matches to perform a calculation. We feel that this tool is the best available metric if you are unable to watch the actual matches. Since none of us can attend every regional, it should be a valuable tool.

Special thanks go out to everyone on Team 1114 who made this database possible, especially Geoff Allan and Roberto Rotolo.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Awesome, thank you Roberto!


You are making this to easy on us. :yikes:

I know you’re not updating this sheet, but it seems noteworthy for next year.

The** Record** field in the different division pages for a single team’s info seems to be just taking into account the last regional the team attended, & not the season’s rankings (for multi-regional) attending teams.

IE: We (237) have an overall Record this year of 12-7-0 & it’s just taking into account our last regional (Phialdelphia) which was 8-3-0.

Don’t know if this was done on purpose, but seems worthy of mentioning.

Good work none-the-less! Glad to see this, and so quickly I may add!
Very cool!

It was done on purpose, the division summary pages has a listing for each regional event a team attended. We found that for our scouting purposes it was more useful to look at each event separately, as opposed to amalgamating all the stats into one record. This way you can see how a team is trending from event to event.

Thank you 1114! This is a dream for our scouting team, whom I sent on a pre-Championship information collecting mission.

One suggestion: would you consider putting a team’s rookie year somewhere in their entry? I know age isn’t everything, but experience can make a difference, and it’s an interesting factor to look at.

Even better is that 1114’s gone and included information on every single team competing this season. This is great stuff, even for those of us who don’t have a dog in this fight.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go make my “WE’RE NUMBER 1,466!” sign. :wink:

Although this may sound dumb… but can someone tell me what LS and O score are? I’m not much up on the letter lingo lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I just learnt what RS was at Toronto this year:D


LS is our abbreviation for Least Squares which means “Calculated Contribution”. We used a Least Squares regression to get the data, hence the title. O Score, refers to average offensive score. A relic from when we used to calculate defensive averages and regressions.

AWESOME! Gotta love AP Statistics- I love how I actually know what you’re talking about. Thanks a lot guys- we’ll probably do some scouting of our own down there (even without our wireless network- :(), but I’ll definitely use this.

Thanks again, Karthik, Roberto, and the rest of 1114!

ok thanks Karthik! I figured O score meant offensive score, but its never a bad thing to ask :smiley:

Roberto strikes again!

He was also an integral part of the volunteer corps at the 2005 Wonderland Invitational. Gotta love him.

For all the FF people out there, this tool is a must-have.

Nice way to slide your team number in there :stuck_out_tongue: lol

This is awsome even though were not goin to Championships its still just cool to check out… wow

Hey… a favor needed…

can you re-post this in an Excel format that is 1997-2003?

By the way, thanks for posting this.

Andy B.

Here’s Microsoft’s patch for Office 2000-2003 that will allow compatibility with Office 2007 formats. It will let you open and save files in the .xlsx format, but it will cause some of the fancier new features (mostly the themes, and some of the graphics tools) to lose their “magic” and become normal objects.

Awesome statistics! Out of curiosity, did you have similar scouting sheets for past years? It’d be great to see some data from the 06 and 07 years (and maybe earlier for some of the other teams).

Thank you guys soooooooo much
you have saved me and the rest of the scouting team sooo much time
thxs so much u guys!!

Both the new (.xlsx) and old (.xls) formats are available here:

That should cover the bulk of users.