paper: 2009 Indiana Robotics Invitational

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2009 Indiana Robotics Invitational
by: Chris Fultz

This booklet describes most of the organizing details for the 2009 IRI.

This papre describes most of the organizing details for the 2009 IRI. It includes the application process, fees, dates, locations, special events, hotels, etc.

The 2009 Indiana Robotics Invitational.pdf (123 KB)

This paper is the update for the 2009 Indiana Robotics Invitational

This includes entry / registration information, special events, awards, hotels and other information.

Highlights - $500 entry fee, which includes dinner on Friday night for teams.
Winner Incentive - 4 Teams of the winning alliance have an automatic invite and no entry fee to the 2010 IRI.
Team judged awards - Best Scoring Robot, Best Payload Specialist
Six Hotels with special rates for teams
Early Career Team Event to give pre-rookie and 1st and 2nd year teams field time
Charity Auction
Mentor Tournament
and more -

Three cheers for the Early Career Team Event. I think this is what offseason events are all about, and once again IRI is leading the charge.

I love the idea of winners not paying for the 2010 IRI. Great idea.