paper: 2009 Team 1114 Championship Scouting Database

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2009 Team 1114 Championship Scouting Database
by: Karthik

The 6th annual Team 1114 Championship Scouting Database.

Attached is the 2009 Team 1114 Championship Scouting Database.

Version 2.0 is the latest version, with 348 teams and full divisional listings.

2009 Team 1114 Championship Scouting Database, Divisions, Excel 2003 (2.16 MB)
2009 Team 1114 Championship Scouting Database, Divisions, Excel 2007 (2.96 MB)

Just. Awesome.

Greetings all,

Attached is the 2009 Team 1114 Championship Database. This year’s database includes full results for every team who competed in the 2009 season as well. Version 1.0 does not have the divisional assignments. We will issue an updated version on the evening of the day the divisions are announced. This will be the final update of the database.

The database includes:

  • An interface allow you pull an individual team’s record
  • Full listing of awards, record & finish
  • Team scoring averages
  • “Calculated Contribution” which is the same calculation being refered to as OPR on these forums. This calculation usings linear alegbra to determine what a team’s average input to their alliance was at each regional. (Only using qualifying match results) We found an average correlation between R = 0.7 and 0.85 to observed emperical scouting data
  • A master sheet for a sortable comparison of all FIRST teams

Version 2.0 will include

  • Master sheets for each division and full divisional assigments

The data we have was all mined from the FIRST website. There may be some errors, but I’m confident the data is 97.1114% accurate. If you notice any errors please respond to this thread, and we will correct them for Version 2.0.

Prior to 2008 we never released any of our regression analysis (Calculated Contribution) that we had been doing since 2004. Since people have become more knowledgeable on the subject we decided to make the change. Please do not take a poor score as a slight or an insult. We simply used the actual scores from matches to perform a calculation. We feel that this tool is the best available metric if you are unable to watch the actual matches. Since none of us can attend every regional, it should be a valuable tool. That being said, because of the defensive nature of Lunacy, the regression analysis is not as valuable as it was in more offensive games such as Overdrive.

Thanks to Geoff Allan and Roberto Rotolo of Team 1114 for creating this year’s database.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Edit: Version 2.0 is now up, with divisions.

team 141 also won the Entrepreneurship Award at MI state even though we didn’t go to state. it was not on our awards list.

We were picked 3rd at Wisconsin not 14th thanks.

As far as I can tell any team that competed at 10,000 Lakes or Northstar as their first regional is missing from the database.

Also 2970 was the second pick at Northstar and 2549 was 15th.

This is awesome!! Thank you!
Where are the Connecticut Regional Teams?

Thanks for sharing this resource! I make sure my team checks this out every year, at the least as a source of some raw numbers. What they choose to do with them is another story. (:

Some of the data for us is off by a bit. Is there still data to be entered for teams?

Thanks for catching this. There’ll be an update released to address this database error.

I searched and found that 716 and 1124 are missing from the database.

The record for 829 at Boilermaker is incorrect.
We were 6-5, 16th seed and Semi-finalist.

Wow. This is great. Thank you to 1114!

Yup. We received a bad dump of data, so there are about 136 missing teams. We will be releasing a new version very shortly.

The elimination performance is being fixed. As for the record, according to the FIRST site we have you at 5-5.

If these standings are incorrect and someone has the correct version, please pass them along via PM.

Also, we are looking for complete alliance selection data from both Minnesota events. If anyone has the full draft order, it would be greatly appreciated. (FYI, The FIRST site lists the teams in random order for elimination matches, so mining this data is one of our tougher tasks)

Converter to read with office 2003:

Thanks Karthik, you guys are awesome for providing this!


Thanks to everyone on 1114 who worked on this - exceptional work.
What an awesome database.

Alright. Version 1.1 is now up. The database error has been fixed, and this version should not be missing any teams. Thank you for your patience, and special thanks to Geoff and Roberto for working so quickly to get this new version up.

Also updated are the alliances for MN2, as well as a few other miscellaneous errors that were pointed out.

I have removed version 1.0 to reduce any possible confusion. Look for version 2.0 the evening divisions come out.

This sounds and looks amazing but unfortunately doesn’t work in OOo 3, so I can’t use it. Not like I was expecting it to, but it would be nice. If you release an 03 version it’s more likely to work in OOo.

How come I can’t open this, what is it supposed to be opened with. Excel isn’t working.

It’s an Excel 2007 file. In an earlier post in this thread Karthik said they are working on getting a 2003 version up soon.

Man I really need XCELL07. Now.