paper: 2009 Team 1114 Championship Scouting Database

I have 03, okay well soon enough, Thank You!!

Soon enough is now. :slight_smile:

An Excel 2003 version of the database has now been uploaded. It’s a 7.0 MB file, zipped to ~2.0MB.

Some formatting may display incorrectly in the 2003 version.

Roberto did a great job once again this year!

Thanks Simbots!

thanks a lot for this. It is a great tool for looking back on a season and also in preparing for nationals.

Once again, fantastic job 1114! Aside from TBA, this is probably the best resource available for Championship pre-scouting.

Nice job it is always cool to see how your team compares to other teams out there.

Matthew Simpson
Team 75 Driver

This is soooooo cool!
… but a little dissapointing seeing our good numbers but not qualifying for atl :frowning:

THANKS KARTHIK! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

2826 won the creativity, all-star, and the highest rookie seed at 10000 lakes. It is missing in your data. Other wise all the teams i looked at were correct and this thing is AWESOME! Thanks alot as always.

Glad to see the Simbots coming through for us again with their excellent scouting data.
Thanks, and see you next week!

Simbots have outdone theirselves again…very impressive scouting system Karthik!


very very very nice, this should be helpful when the division list come out.

Question: Is there any way to sort teams going to Championship by offensive and defensive rankings?

Yup, sort descending by which ever ranking you wish, then sort ascending by division. All the teams who are registered for the Championship are listed as “Division still pending” and move to the top of the list.


It looks like you have the finalists and winners for the SBPLI Long Island Regional reversed (else the FIRST site and Blue Alliance have them backwards).


Wondering if you missed data on Team 236?
TBA has them at 5-5-0 in the Conn. Regional.


The records shown in the database are for qualifying matches only. TBA shows qualifying + elimination records.

Thanks Karthik and 1114! This is a great resource and will definitely help when scouting divisions in Atlanta.

The updated files with the divisions and a few corrections are now uploaded. Please see Version 2.0.

Thanks to all who provided updated information, especially IndySam!

Thanks a bunch! This certainly makes a scout’s job a little easier.

Another little mistake I noticed for SAC, 115 was 3rd pick, and 692 was 14th pick, not the other way around. And 766 was 4th pick, and 2063 was 13th pick, that got switched around as well, but those mistakes are not too surprising, nor should they really matter, hopefully.

I looked at Newton…aack!!!