paper: 2010 Regional Invites from FRC2493 - Robokong

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2010 Regional Invites from FRC2493 - Robokong
by: rsisk

Easy to make invitations to hand out to the general public to get them to your regionals!

The invite sources are included and can be easily edited in PAINT or a similar program.

I put these into a word doc, three copies per page.

The hardest part is to get everything to line up on the front and back when copying the images. Work with regular paper until you get a good master, then use the master to print the copies.

We print the Invites on 65LB colored card stock. We use bright neon colors and print the B/W version of the invite. The colored version of the invite is printed on 110LB card stock. We save the colored versions for “special” people because they are more expensive to print.

Once they are printed, use the guidelines to cut them apart with a paper cutter (or scissors) and then you are in business!


Invites.docx (416 KB)

I created some invitations for this year’s regional. All the stuff to make your own are posted in CD-Media.


Looks like 1323’s robot on the ticket.

I really like it, great way to get the word out.

Yes, RC was kind enough to provide the robot images. They really look good in the black only version of the invite when printed on colored paper.

This is such an awesome idea. We are a rookie team who is hosting a district event this year also. These tickets will be great inexpensive PR for the event.

Great, enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions about them.