paper: 2010 Rules Question Bank

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2010 Rules Question Bank
by: rsisk

200+ Questions and answers developed from the 2010 FRC Manual for Breakaway. Use this bank to develop quizzes for your teams. Good luck and see ya at the competition

This spreadsheet contains 200+ questions and answers for the FIRST 2010 Competition: Breakaway.

The questions are categorized, the rule if applicable is cited, and all the answers are provided. Contains True/False questions, multiple choice, and fill in the blank type of questions.

Developed by FRC2493 to train the team on the rules.

quiz.xls (84.5 KB)

Here is the Question Bank we developed to train our team on the rules for Breakaway.

The questions are up to date up to Team Update 3. I’ll post updates as necessary. If you find anything that needs fixin’, please let me know via PM or this thread.

Thanks and enjoy!

I removed the filters and put the focus on the correct tab so the questions are more obvious.

Updated for Team Updates #4 and #5