paper: 2010 Scouting System by FRC 836 - RoboBees

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2010 Scouting System by FRC 836 - RoboBees
by: SteveGPage

FRC 836 (RoboBees) 2010 Scouting Database (MS Access 2003) and supporting Documentation, including Pit and Match Scouting Forms.

Each year, FRC 836 develops a scouting database to be used at each regional. This year’s approach is attempting to normalize the data so that we can develop year to year scouting data warehouse. In the attached zip file, we are attaching:

  • FRC 836 Scouting (V1) Database/Datawarehouse
  • 2010 Team Scouting Sheet (Pit Scouting) (.doc and .pdf)
  • Match Scouting Sheet (.doc and .pdf)
  • Match Event Score Calculation Tool (see the readme for details)
  • Readme

In addition to the development of the scouting data warehouse, we have added an additional layer to what we have done in the past. We are using a business intelligence (BI) reporting tool to act as our reporting environment. This allows us to create ad hoc reports and graphs. In addition, we are developing dynamic dashboards to analyze data, to do in-depth data mining and advanced analytics. This tool also allows us to post the reports and dashboards to the web, as well as end reports via email. Please check out the readme file for more information, and for where you can also find information on the tool we are using.

Please let us know if you have any questions! You can send me a PM SteveGPage, email me at, twitter us at FRC836 or me at stevegpage, or visit our website

Also, we will be attending the Chesapeake Regional and the Buckeye Regional, if you will be at either regional, feel free to ask us about our scouting tools!

Best regards,

Steve Page
Scouting Mentor
FRC 836 - RoboBees

FRC836 Scouting (1.01 MB)

Please check out our scouting tools. Feel free to use them/modify them, if you have not developed any scouting tools. These tools can be used as a computer based scouting system, or even just use the paper forms. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Good Luck!

Best regards,


thanks Steve,
We will probably incorporate some of your hard work.

Good luck this season.

Thanks, Glenn! Good luck to you guys, too! Sorry we are not going to be at the same regionals this year, maybe we’ll just have to find a way to get to Hawaii some day!


You should!
I’m gonna go out on a limb and say our ROC has done the best job in planning the Hawaii regional.
Each team getting free meals during the event and a team social at the Hard Rock Cafe!

Hello, my name is Obed and I’m a rookie on team 354. I’m in charge of scouting, and so far I’m having some difficultly. I seen your scouting system and I loved it. Could you send me some information of how does your scouting system works and how to enter inforamtion into the scouting system. It would be great, if you could give some feedback, my email is

that’s good but what if a team has 8 weels

Then you just need to update the Wheel Configuration screen, add 8 wheels to the table (althought I think it is there already) and then update the pit scouting page - perhaps change it to something like ___ wheels, rather than have the scouts circle it on the form. Most of my scouts will be using the electronic version - not the printed one I included, so I may have not updated the form to reflect that option.


Hi Obed,

Please read the “readme” file, that tells you were you can add the data. Please let me know if you have a specific question beyond what it talks about in that document.


Hi Steve, this is Obed again, how come everytime I try to add a team to the scouting program, It always gives an error such as this " the changes you requested to the table were not succesful because they would create duplicate values in the index, primary key, or relationship. Change the data in the fields that contain duplicate data, remove the index, or redefine the index to permit duplicate entries and try again

I like the system. It’s very clean and nice to look at. It also seems like it would be relatively straightforward (after initial setup, of course) to enter AND look up the data. I’m not familiar with Access, but it seems like an excellent tool for scouting with.

I’d simply like to question the necessity of such in-depth scouting. I know lots of teams collect every ounce of data possible on the robot, but I’m not sure that’s necessarily needed all of the time. I agree that it might be an asset to collect specific types of data: for example, this season the EngiNERDs’s robot had the capability to elevate consistently, and also was one of the few teams with the capability to suspend a large number of teams. As such, our pit scouting data consisted entirely of a picture of robots for our scouting, as well as questions about

  1. If the robot had capability to elevate
  2. Where the robot suspended from (Vertical bars of the tower, or Horizontal bars of the tower)
  3. Must the robot be on the bump to lift?

We discovered that using this system, our pit scouting could be done in a VERY short time (except for cases in which the robots were not in a condition to be photographed.) We also found that teams quite often seemed pleasantly surprised that we weren’t occupying one of their team members for very long. This was also something that wasn’t as much of a chore to do, which kept people happy while doing it; indeed, the process was extremely streamlined, and made it possible for two people to complete the process of pit scouting (for the most part) on the first morning of the competition.

While it is nice to have an abundance of data on robots, it seems like it may be more efficient to ask yourself, “what do we NEED to know?” Outside of performance data, not all technical data on the robots is necessary, outside of interest; thus, the question of “do we need this for the competition?” follows.

I’m simply expressing my opinions on streamlining the system. Other than my rant on efficiency, I really like the scouting system. That look-up system is quick and very pretty.

Keep at it!


We did end up eliminating or not using a good deal of the data of the spread sheet. All the things listed were things we thought would be important. I appreciate the opinion, we are constantly trying to make scouting an easier and less time consuming event.

Just a to let everyone know, we gave the analytic scouting using business inteligence (BI) presentation as part of the Conference in Atlanta. I will be sure to add our presentation on here. We had to add the BI into scouting because we were gathering so much info that we didn’t know how to find it and read it efficiently. The BI was used mainly for Metadata, or data about data. The best example I can give is think of a physics text book and find information on kinematics. Now trying doing that without page numbers, table of contents, chapters, or index. These things are like Metadata, they are pointers to the data. We were able to run real time progression trends and have an accurate count of who scores how many balls and from where. Very key things in strategy.