paper: 2010 World's Best Button Award Flyer

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2010 World’s Best Button Award Flyer
by: Alex Dinsmoor

Think you have the best button in the world? Then you should submit your button to the World’s Best Button Contest!

For the second year running, Team 201 is presenting the Best Button Award Contest for the World Championships.

The Best Button Award was created to celebrate the teams who produce beautiful buttons year in and year out. This award is given to teams who produce creative buttons that are visually appealing and have no problem displaying a team to the world.

Each team will receive a flyer in their pit in Atlanta.

Teams who have won this award this year so far are:



Michigan State Championship

Thanks to teams 245 and 365 for their button images for the flyer!

If you would like to enter this award, check out the flyer!

Good Luck Teams!

Button Award_Champs.pdf (153 KB)