paper: 2011 Regionals/Districts Teams are Attending

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2011 Regionals/Districts Teams are Attending
by: Ed Law

An Excel spreadsheet that shows which regionals/districts each of the 2079 FRC teams is going this year.

This spreadsheet is extracted from the 2011 Scouting Database to only show which regionals/districts each of the FRC teams is going. To see what will eventually be published during the competition season, please refer to
paper: New Scouting Database from Team 2834 - CD-Media: Papers - Chief Delphi

Team_2834 2010_Scouting_Database.xls (2.15 MB)
Team_2834 2011_Scouting_Database v0.2.xls (2.2 MB)
Team_2834 2011_Scouting_Database v0.3.xls (2.2 MB)

In the last two years, it took about 2 hours to create this spreadsheet because most of the work was done manually. This is why I never updated it even when there were changes until after each week’s competition data came out. I finally wrote an Excel macro to generate this data. Now I press one button and it pulls the data from FIRST and everything is created automatically in a few minutes. Since it is easy to update this, I will post a new file on request. This is my Christmas present to all of you.

Thank you Santa Laws :wink:

I just posted an updated file. Michigan added a district event at Waterford Mott. More teams are now put into their second district events. There is some movement today between district events also.

I am posting another update. All Michigan teams are now off the waitlist. All except a few are attending two district events. There are still some open spots at Waterford and Niles. I wonder what they will do with them. Will there be enough Michigan teams who want to go to a third district event? Will some district competition have less teams than others? Will out of state teams come to Michigan district events if FIRST will allow that?

I notice some other regionals have changes also.

Thanks Ed, this will be useful.