paper: 2011 Team 51 Handbook

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2011 Team 51 Handbook
by: Mike Martus

This is a document that covers all aspects of our team organization for the 2011 Robotics Season.

A comprehensive handbook detailing all aspects of Team 51 “Wings of Fire” robotics team.

Team 51 Handbook 2011.pdf (170 KB)

Thanks for the post – there are some pretty good snippets in here that make me say ‘hmmmm’ to some of the challenges we’re trying to address on our team:

  • Participation in other school activities
  • Levels of mentorship and implied responsibilities
  • Club -vs- Team model

Good stuff.

A FIRST team handbook is a good thing. A FIRST team handbook from Team 51 is a great thing.

Although this is a well-written portion of this handbook, it is still an understatement:

"We have some of the brightest and most dedicated engineers in America today on our team. The engineers in their regular jobs are responsible for many of the innovations you see on today’s best transportation. These
dedicated team members spend many, many of their free time hours on this project and as mentors to our students. Their expertise allows the dreams and ideas of the students to be transformed into reality.

Take the time to communicate and get to know these very talented and nice people. Ask them about their families and do not hesitate to ask advice for they have a wealth of knowledge. They are valuable resources for tutoring
while we are traveling."


Thanks for sharing!

This handbook really covers pretty much everything a team needs to know about an FRC season. You guys do a bang up job of laying it all out in very simple and easy to enforce terms.