paper: 2012 Team 1114 Championship Scouting Database

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2012 Team 1114 Championship Scouting Database
by: Geoff1114

The 9th annual Team 1114 Championship Scouting Database.

The 9th annual Team 1114 Championship Scouting Database. Includes full stats, including some advanced metrics for every team who competed in Rebound Rumble.

2012 Championship Scouting Database.xlsx (4.63 MB)

Greetings all,

Attached is the 2012 Team 1114 Championship Database. This year’s database includes full results for every team who competed in the 2012 season as well. We’ve based this version on the current divisions posted at If these change we will update accordingly. (However if it’s just a couple of additions, we may not release a new version)

The database includes:

  • An interface to allow you pull an individual team’s record
  • Full listing of awards, record & finish
  • Team scoring averages
  • “OPR” This calculation usings linear alegbra to determine what a team’s average input to their alliance was at each regional. (Only using qualifying match results)
  • A master sheet for a sortable comparison of all FIRST teams
  • Master sheets for each division and full divisional assigments
  • A quick Divisional Stats Summary

The data we have was all mined from the FIRST website. There may be some errors, but I’m confident the data is 97.1114% accurate. That being said, much of the alliance selection results were obtained via word of mouth, so there may be some errors.

Prior to 2008 we never released any of our regression analysis (OPR) that we had been doing since 2004. Since people have become more knowledgeable on the subject we decided to make the change. Please do not take a poor score as a slight or an insult. We simply used the actual scores from matches to perform a calculation. We feel that this tool is the best available metric if you are unable to watch the actual matches. Since none of us can attend every regional, it should be a valuable tool. In our opinion, regression analysis is much less effective for Rebound Rumble than it was for most of the games in recent history, so in addition, we have also included average scoring based on standings. If you want more details on this, come check out Karthik’s seminar in St. Louis.

Thanks to Karthik Kanagasabapathy, Ben Bennett and Roberto Rotolo of Team 1114 Stats and Research for creating this year’s database. Thanks to all on Chief Delphi who helped with the alliance selection results that are used within this database.

If you have any questions, please ask.

I love you guys. Thanks for this. Good luck at Champs, see you in a week!

Holy data overload Batman!!:eek:

1114 continues to be the standard of exelence we try to emulate at Bacon Scouting Incorporated. Thanks to all of you who worked on this, it is much appreciated.

Does the “average bridge score” factor in the co-op bridge? Because some of them are above 20.

Seems like that would indicate a triple.

Yes, check out the “Notes” tab:
“Bridge Score defined as BP / matches + (CP / 2) * 10”

Thanks 1114, much appreciated!

2851 has been added to the Championship in Archimedes. I am not sure yet who they displaced, but do know that the divisions must be slightly different today than they were yesterday.

None of the divisions changed except the 2 divisions that had only 99 teams. 2851 was added to Archimedes for that reason.

One piece of errata: 2815 is listed incorrectly as not playing in Palmetto eliminations; we were on the winning alliance as a backup robot.

Still, I greatly appreciate 1114’s effort in compiling this!

Well I’ll be damned, that’s one hell of a database! nice job guys! See you all in St. Louis!

Thanks for working on this. It is invaluable information!

There seem to be only 2 errors in terms of divisions:
1178 should be in Newton and
2851 which was discussed above

Similar to last year I made a spreadsheet of expected rankings based on 1114’s database: