paper: 2013 Qual Schedule Analysis

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2013 Qual Schedule Analysis
by: Ether

162 spreadsheets summarize the scheduling of the Qual Matches at each of the 81 events in the 2013 season.

All 81 Qual Schedules for 2013 (Weeks 1 thru 7 Regionals & Districts, plus MAR, MSC, Archimedes, Curie, Galileo, & Newton) are summarized in 162 individual CSV files (which can be opened directly in Excel if file association is set).

For each event, a matrix shows which teams each team played With and Against.

FWIW, this shows anomalies in the scheduling algorithm where oftentimes a team will play with or against another team more than once, while not playing with or against dozens of other teams in the event. (169 KB)
QualScheduleAnalysisSummary.xls (23 KB)

Is it just a straight 1 or 0 whether you played with/against or not (1 being true, 0 being false)? Because if this is the case I can already see an error or two in just the schedules we’re in

No, the numbers in the cells are counts. Please let me know where you think the errors are so I can check them out.


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I just hand-checked every team 3310 played with and against at the Hub City event, and I can find no errors in the spreadsheets for that event.

Please tell me where you think the errors are.