paper: 2014 Advanced OPR and Statistics

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2014 Advanced OPR and Statistics
by: stingray27

Statistics and OPRs (divisible by auton, teleop, truss and catch, and assists) for the 2014 season per regional.

As stated in the summary, here are the statistics and OPRs (divisible by auton, teleop, truss and catch, and assists) for the 2014 season per regional.

All of this data can be obtained from my app, OPR FIRST 2014, in live time at any regional. Download it here:

2014OPR.xlsx (112 KB)
2014OPR.xlsx (374 KB)
2014OPR.xlsx (911 KB)
2014OPR.xlsx (1.19 MB)
2014OPR.xlsx (1.45 MB)
2014OPR.xlsx (1.6 MB)

Here is the data for week 1. This data does not include centerline as of now because the rankings are not published. Also, Inland Empire, West Toronto, and the MAR district data is not included yet because the regionals have not ended yet.

In addition, future editions will have query options but I do not currently have the files I used last year because they are on my hard drive back at college.

Just updated the excel sheet with data up to the end of week 3. Here are some stats about the stats:

10 teams with OPR values of over 100
Standard deviation of 21.57 with the mean OPR of 25.72
The following are each quartile of all of the data:
0% = -20.80
25% = 10.35
50% = 21.93
75% = 37.33
100% = 152.06

More info about cumulative OPR stats can be found from Ether or Ed Law. This data is more specific to individual teams and their performance.

*Some Twitter stats:

… more to come later this evening.

Just updated up to week 4. Fixed query results and added sheets for each week. Interpret data to your discretion.

Week 5 updated.

It appears you don’t have any data for the Hartford district in your file.

Week 6 uploaded with a stat preview for the MI State Championship.
It has been brought to my attention that a few regionals/districts are missing. I will add those very soon.

Can someone explain how DPR is determined? I was looking at the MSC preview data and saw we had an OPR of 87.4 and DPR of -9.2 at Waterford. We put very little concentration on defense during qualifications to accumulate assist points to help in our ranking.

It’s calculated the same way as OPR, but instead of using your total scores, you sum up your opponent’s scores and use that instead.

By itself it’s normally rather meaningless, but performing OPR-DPR gives you CCWM(Calculated contribution to winning margin), which can be more meaningful, though I don’t have any statistics on it from this year.

This may just be because I am being tired and stupid, but is there a way to see the rankings of teams based on their season long OPR. Right now if you sort by “OPR Rank” there is a separate line for every regional a team went to. Is there a way to view just the rankings based on all teams total OPR or advance OPR or whatever?

Great work.


Ether’s data has world OPR, but this focuses on event performance.

Added data for each division for worlds.

Any chance you’re going to add in DCMP into there or are you skipping intentionally because the scores were so much higher at those events?

It is already in there! There is a tab for week 7. Since defense was so much more of a factor at DCMPs, the scores kinda got standardized already

Haha, good call. In all the CMP excitement I missed that the DCMPs OPRs were lower than the District OPRs.


Oh by the way, thanks for providing this!

Question because this is the second set of data that only has our results from Mrytle Beach. Why does it not account for our better showing at Orlando in the Curie division data.

Your OPR at Orlando was actually lower than at Myrtle Beach.

Orlando: 23.72
Myrtle Beach: 26.76

We played an entirely different game at Orlando. Our DPR is significantly higher in that aspect.

I see that you’re sorting by OPR. Which is understandable.

Most people look at OPR because DPR isn’t quite the best indicator to a teams performance - it relies on alliance strategy even more than OPR. Therefore, for my purposes, I just chose to sort by OPR. Teams can choose to look at other aspects of team data and I encourage you to do so!

So you guys have brought up some regionals that I have missed and I apologize. I will add the following soon:
Silicon Valley