paper: 2015 miscellaneous stats


Week3 Top25 Team scores from Rankings data and
Top25 Alliance scores from Qual Match Results data**

This is great! Thanks for putting this together.

Does anyone know what rs, bs, ra, ba, rf, and bf are? I’m guessing that the f’s are for the finals, but I’m not quite sure what the r, b, a, and s stand for.


rs red score
bs blue score

ra red auto
ba blue auto

rf red foul
bf blue foul


Pretty sweet! Thanks for putting this together!

Thank you very much!

Are litter scores actually recorded anywhere on a match by match basis? It’s all shown on the screen after a match, but I haven’t seen it in any APIs nor is it recorded on the event sites in match results.

Hey - is it quick to see what qual ranking scores are w/o coop points for week 3 only? We had the weirdest weekend at the Alamo Regional - zero coop points!


No. Last year we were able to get match-by-match score breakdown (albeit unreliable) via the Twitter feed. There is no comparable data available this year. Somehow during the database/API design process that left on the cutting floor.


Final, Auto, and Foul score “OPR” from weeks 1thru3 Qual Match data


caveat utilitor: no adjustment made for DQ

***While we are waiting for Ed’s updated Scouting database:

Weeks 1thru3 combined OPRs based on Qual Match Results data and Team Rankings data (components).

No special treatment for DQ or surrogates.**

never mind, I found the raw data - we would be 15th-ish w/o coop points


Comparing Match Results scores to Team Rankings scores**


A list of all teams each team played with and against, for all events in weeks 1 thru 3**