paper: 2015 Scouting System Team 862

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2015 Scouting System Team 862
by: Dragonking

Electronic scouting system including excel spreadsheet and android app.

–This is our 2015 scouting system. It includes an excel spreadsheet that can be used with either electronic or paper scouting input. There is also an android app we created to work with the spreadsheet. Make sure to read the guide below as well as the instructions tab in the spreadsheet. Data transfer to and from the android app works through excel files using USB or bluetooth. Some of the features of the spreadsheet include customizable scouted values (the app is not), customizable ranking values, lots of statistical calculations, match prediction, ranking projection, match prep sheet, mostly automated electronic data transfer/easy manual input.
–If you have any questions, message me through Chief Delphi or email me at [email protected]

Scouting Database 2015- 1.0.xlsm (2.54 MB)
app-release.apk (1.58 MB)
Scouting Database 2015- 2.0.xlsm (2.53 MB)
Scout862 v2.0.apk (1.58 MB)
Scouting Database 2015- 3.0.xlsm (2.78 MB)
Scout862 3.0.apk (1.58 MB)
Scouting System Guide.pdf (2.1 MB)
Scouting Datsbase 2015- 4.0.xlsm (2.8 MB)
Scout862 v4.0.apk (1.58 MB)
Scouting Database 2015- 6.0.xlsm (2.8 MB)
Scout862 v6.0.apk (1.58 MB)

The scouting app is now available to download. Let me know if you have any problems installing it.

Below are some screenshots of the app.

thank you guys for creating the excel document. The only question I have is what do I need to input into each column is it a yes/no or a number? Also still slightly unsure where to input data.

You input 1,0. You input data in Input tab. After inputting a match schedule and team list, click calculate worksheet (f9), and then you sort and filter by match, team, or alliance station, and then type in the data you scout.

I will be releasing a set of updates for the scouting systems along with hopefully some more detailed instructions by week 3 competitions.

Updates include:

  • bug fixes
  • using user created folders to store data on tablets
  • scouting teleop by stack instead of overall (this allows to see exactly what kinds of stacks a team created during that match)
  • some minor changes and additions to the spreadsheet

I also may have time to make a step by step guide with pictures to help with using all the features of the scouting system.

Version 2 is now posted and the biggest difference other than a bunch of fixed bugs is that you can now choose specific files to save scouted data from the app.

Version 3 will hopefully be release in the next few days. The biggest difference with version 3 is that now teleop is scouted by stack instead of overall stats. During our week 1 event I found it way more helpful to see exactly what kinds of stacks a robot makes than just seeing how many total totes it scored. I also plan on creating a step by step guide for all the functions of the scouting system with pictures to be released with version 3.

The version 3.0 spreadsheet and app is now released along with a step by step guide for setting up and running the scouting system at an event. Version 2.0 is still functional if you prefer it or don’t have time to switch. The guide applies to both versions.

Any comments, suggestions, found bugs are always welcome.

If I find any bugs at our week 3 event, I will try to fix it and upload the fixed version immediately if there is internet at the event.

Newest version is now released. It includes some bug fixes. Let me know if you find anymore bugs.

I will be posting new versions of the app and database in the next couple days. There are a few new features and I fixed all the bugs I found (Warning: I may have created different bugs in the process). The android app version should be completely fool proof and crash proof.

Also let me know if there is anything you want me to change, fix, or edit.

What version of Android is required to run your app? My phone is pretty ancient (Android 2.2.3).

The minimum I can currently set it to is 4.0. Also the app only works on 7in screens.

Newest versions are now posted. The new app is now crash proof and a little more efficient. The new spreadsheet has some fixed bugs and I also added another value that can be scouted: speed of canburglar. This is scouted separately from the tablets and is not necessary for the rest of the formulas to work correctly.