paper: 2015 SPAM Poor Man's Scouting System

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2015 SPAM Poor Man’s Scouting System
by: Warren Boudreau

SPAMs scouting system for those who cannot afford a large number of PCs, tablets, or other electronic devices.

I am happy to release this year’s version of Team SPAM’s Poor Man’s Scouting System. This year, we were forced to go to a Legal-sized data entry sheet Due to the increased amount of information needed to evaluate a teams contribution to the overall score.

Note: Effective score coefficients are preliminary, use your judgement to determine your values.

PM me with any questions you may have or just ask in this thread.

v1.0 - spreadsheet and scouting data sheet updated based on feedback from week 1 experience at South Florida Regional.

2015_Scouting_Database_v0.0.xls (818 KB)
2015_Scouting_Interview_Rubric.pdf (8.22 KB)
2015_Scouting_Sheet_Legal.pdf (250 KB)
2015_Scouting_Database_v1.0.xls (875 KB)
2015_Scouting_Sheet_Legal_v1.0.pdf (251 KB)