paper: 2016 Ball Trajectory Calculator w/ range finder

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2016 Ball Trajectory Calculator w/ range finder
by: James Juncker

An Excel document able to find the range in which you can shoot into the goal at a given speed and angle. The Document may have some updates but should remain the same.

All you should need is the speed at which you are firing the ball, an angle and a shooter height. As a note TONS of credit to Ether with the original posting of the basic sheet. I hope to be able to update this every year there is a ball involved in the game… well see though. If there is anything else that would be useful on here let me know so that I can attempt to add that to this sheet for the use of other teams! Good luck this year!

You shouldnt need the Field Drawing in order to get the spreadsheet to work.

Changing the numbers in the boxes in the upper left changes the trajectory which is visible on a graph just underneath with the green lines being the goal height. as well the effective range (rough estimate) is shown on the field to give the range a perspective.

parabola vs air drag revD.xlsx (377 KB)