paper: 2016 FRC Championship History

This is the 2016 annual update of my Championship History Spreadsheet
This sheet contains a summary of all teams who have played in the CMP playoffs since 2001.

Congratulations to Citrus Circuits on maintaining the top spot. 4 trips to Einstein in a row will do that :slight_smile:
Other fun facts: there are 5 teams who have played in the playoffs every year for the past 12 years since the 3 vs 3 FRC format began: 27, 33, 148, 254, 1114.
3 of these teams are in the Hall of Fame, and 4 of these teams are part of #TeamIFI.

2016 FRC Championship History
by: Jim Zondag

This is a summary of the total team attendance and results in FRC CMP elimination rounds in the 16 year period from 2001-2016

This sheet contains a record of all teams who have played in CMP elims in 16 years. It uses the district point method to rank all of the teams for their selection point in the alliance selection and their finishing level in the tournament. Results are accumulated using a total points and a weighted annual de-rating method.

Championship_History_Data_2016.xlsx (2.64 MB)

Congrats to all of the successes had by all teams in Stronghold!

Thanks for updating this, Jim. It is very interesting to see the close correlation between your derated point ranking of teams, and my own qualitative recollections of performances I have witnessed over the years. As an example, scanning your list I instantly recognize about 2/3 of the top 150 teams without looking up their numbers.

In particular, during the 8 seasons I have been observing FiM teams from inside our system, the correlation is remarkable. I didn’t need to look up any of these teams, because I recognize their numbers immediately as belonging to Michigan teams that have performed well.

Below is a list of the top 31 FiM teams based on Zondag Derated Points (ZDP).

FiM Team   Zondag Rank	            ZDP      Name
67	        9	             99      HOT
33	       12	             95      Killer Bees
217	       16	             78      Thunderchickens
469	       17	             72      Las Guerillas
27	       27	             61      Team RUSH
1718	       28	             58      Fighting Pi
1023	       30	             57      Bedford Express
3539	       43	             51      Byting Bulldogs
1918	       46	             49      NC Gears
494	       50	             45      Martians
2137	       61	             42      TORC
548	       66	             40      RoboStangs
2834	       67	             40      Bionic Black Hawks
85	       79	             36      BOB
2054	       86	             34      Tech Vikes
3538	       89	             34      RoboJackets
503	       91	             34      Frog Force
4003	       97	             32      Trisonics
5050	      100	             31      Cow Town
3641	      102	             31      Flying Toasters
2337	      104	             30      Enginerds
910	      105	             30      Foley Freeze
4967	      111	             28      That ONE Team
3357	      119	             26      Comets
68	      125	             25      Truck Town Thunder
3620	      135	             23      Average Joes
5460	      139	             22      Strike Zone
70	      141	             21      More Martians
2767	      142	             21      Stryke Force
573	      147	             21      Mech Warriors
51	      151	             19      Wings of Fire

Note: I am particularly proud of my Average Joes (3620) for making their first-ever appearance on the ZDP list this year; in previous years, we had earned zero ZDP because we did not make playoffs at CMP. Three other FiM teams also make their first ZDP list appearances in the top 150 this year: 3538, 5050, and 5460.

Fantastic database, thanks!

Hey Jim,

Awesome spreadsheet as always. Just noticed a few things. I think a few world champions are listed as finalist for some reason. I'm not sure if you did that for the weight tapering system or it was just oversight, but just a thought I had. For example, I know that in 2001, 365 and 294 both were WC, but are listed and WF.

I noted this in the previous version as well.
The points appeared to be correct in the old version even though they weren’t listed as WC.

Thanks for putting this together again!

3005 was listed as a Division Winner for Curie on the main rollup screen (Green W), but we were actually division finalists. It looks like the points calculation, ranking, and subsequent data screens are all correct based on our Division Finalist finish.

Spot checking a few others on the list, it appears 3166 had a similar issue, and possibly some others.