paper: 2017 Championship History

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2017 Championship History
by: Jim Zondag

This is a summary of the total team attendance and results in FRC CMP elimination rounds in the 17 year period from 2001-2017

This sheet contains a record of all teams who have played in CMP elims in 17 years. It uses the district point method to rank all of the teams for their selection point in the alliance selection and their finishing level in the tournament. Results are accumulated using a total points and a weighted annual de-rating method.

Championship_History_Data_2017.xlsx (3.09 MB)

After some delay, I have updated this Analysis for 2017, including results from both 2017 CMP events:

Congrats to 1678 Citrus Circuits on staying on top of the Derated List with an all time high of 165 points. Making it to Einstein 5 times in a row is an impressive feat!
Congrats to 67 for making it to Einstein yet again and remaining on top of the all time Total list with 647 Points in 17 years.

In the 13 years since 3 vs 3 game format began in 2005, only 5 teams have made it to the CMP playoffs every year:
27, 33, 148, 254, 1114


Thanks again for presenting great data, Jim.

Following up on my response to your 2016 post on this topic, I looked at the top 25 FiM teams by Derated Zondag Points (ZDP), to see which ones have moved up the most. The top 5 are:

3452 Greengineers, 72nd overall, first ever CMP playoff appearance
2619 The Charge, 118th overall, up 308 spots, 2nd CMP playoff appearance
2767 Stryke Force, 16th overall, up 126 spots, STL CMP Winners, 3rd CMP playoff appearance
2960 Automation Nation, 134th overall, up 102 spots, 2nd CMP playoff appearance
314 Megatron Oracles, 103rd overall, up 59 spots, 3rd CMP playoff appearance

I’ve done something similar for NE. Here’s the Top 5 based on ZDP point increase:

For 5687, 3719, and 2084, it was their first championship elimination appearance and all of them made Einstein. It was also 1058’s first Einstein appearance and 125’s second Einstein appearance.

Texas Top 10

FiM Top 25. My earlier post was about the five most improved Michigan teams; the list here is similar to those in the previous two posts. 67 HOT remains the top team in Michigan, and 2767 Stryke Force has moved up to join a long list of teams chasing them.

Sevens are lucky in mitten-land: 67, 27, 2767, 217, 2137, 1718, 2337, 3357, 4967, …](