paper: [2017 MSC] Pre-tournament stats

Compiled some statistics for MSC. Can be found here:

2017 MSC] Pre-tournament stats
by: stingray27

Statistics going into the 2017 Michigan State Competition

OPR, points (auto, rotor, pressure), and averages for each team playing at MSC

msc.xlsx (47.2 KB)

Some interesting random stats:

Top Auton in Michigan: 2054 with *929 *auton points
Top gear scorer: **1684 **with *1920 *rotor points
Top climber: **217 **with 1650 touchpad points
Top shooter: 2767 with *471 *pressure points

Average OPR for MSC: 101.2
Average climbs per game: 1.94
Average gears per game: 3.08
Average auton points per game: 50.02
Average pressure points per game: 2.92

I will keep updating these stats once divisions come out tomorrow night

Thanks for having the data in a format I can play with. :slight_smile: These Top performers are mostly based on partners correct? Touchpad points you only contribute 1/3 too. Also the stats seem to be the teams high, not the average. Here is based on season averaged (just FiM events)

Top Auton in Michigan: 5053 with *769 *auton points
Top gear scorer: **1684 **with *1650 *rotor points
Top climber: **2075 **with *1375 * touchpad points
Top shooter: 4967 with *324.5 *pressure points

Average OPR for MSC: 88.9

Yes - should have clarified - good catch! The stats are all alliance based, as well as use the teams highest performance. I am a big fan (due to the emphasis while I was on RUSH) of continuous improvement. Therefore I always take a teams highest performance when scouting and looking at stats.

Forgive me for being ignorant, but how can I open this file?

It’s an excel spreadsheet. Excel 2007 onward, or you favorite online drive can open it just fine.