paper: 2018 SPAM Poor Man's Scouting System

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2018 SPAM Poor Man’s Scouting System
by: Warren Boudreau

This is the seventh published edition of our paper & pencil scouting system.

The Poor Man’s Scouting System is for teams with more students than computer resources. It requires a laptop it MS Office Excel only to store and collate the data gathered on sheets for each team in an event.

2018_Scouting_Database_v1.0.xls (1.11 MB)
2018_Scouting_Sheet_Legal_v1.0.pdf (485 KB)
2018_Scouting_Database_v2.0.xls (1.05 MB)
2018_Scouting_Sheet_Legal_v2.0.pdf (483 KB)
2018_Scouting_Sheet_Legal_v3.0.pdf (483 KB)
2018_Scouting_Database_v3.0.xls (1.05 MB)