Paper: 2019 Field and Perimeter Building Instructions and Spreadsheet

I’ve now uploaded my spreadsheet to GitHub, now includes the 2019 Game Pieces.

Completed designs for all the Habitat platforms, Depots, Cargo Holders, Hatch Holders.
These designs were written from scratch or extensively modified from the FIRST-Supplied plans.

No time to go over and redesign the big pieces, so I just entered them from the FIRST plans with minimal changes. As of now, there are plans for Complete Cargo Ship, Complete Rocket and Load Station, all from FIRST plans. I’m releasing the worksheet today so teams can plan and purchase materials.

If I have time In the next few days, I plan to :

Add fins to the Full Rocket (YASSSS!).
Add plans for Rocket Module
Add plans for Single Bay Side
Modify Loading Station to articulate with Field Wall and maybe mimic competition design better.

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Field and Perimeter Building Instructions and Spreadsheet
by: juliasdad

A spreadsheet that can be used to plan and execute building field pieces and/or a field perimeters from plywood and 2x4’s.

A system for organizing the planning and workflow for volunteers to build a sturdy scrimmage field (or parts of it). Generates a materials list and labels to identify parts as they are prepared, extensive sketches and instructions. We build a complete scrimmage field in 1-2 days with this system.

There is a large Excel file that has the full Workbook. One sheet of the Workbook contains PDF versions of handouts. The same handouts (as word documents) are also in the same GitHub repository.

@juliasdad I know it is menial as to a change in your process, but could you possibly host a pdf instead of (or in addition to) the .docx file? I know some teams don’t use MS Office applications at all and other teams and users have had issues of data getting changed around (or removed) in an easy to edit file type, especially when trying to convert it between file types.

Otherwise this is a great resource your assisting with!

Thanks for looking at this. The Excel Spreadsheet (which is over on GitHub…) contains a sheet with all my handouts in PDF form.

I uploaded the Word files so teams could modify them if they need to.

I guess I missed them on the GitHub repository.
Are the pdf files integrated into the file FIRST-Field-Building-2019/ FIRST 2019 Field Spreadsheet.xlsx ?

Yes, exactly. There’s a sheet called “Handouts” near the end of the Workbook.