Paper: 2019 Robot in 3 Days ‘Snow Problem White Papers

The white papers released by Ri3D team 'Snow Problem, including our strategic analysis, prototyping overviews, and final technical document.

We have several documents currently attached:
Strategy Document: Looks at our considerations when developing our strategy as a Robot in 3 Days team and as we would develop for competition, including our thoughts on all elements of the game.

Prototype Information Document: Includes lots of technical details and images from the variety of prototypes we developed in the first 24 hours after build.

Tournament Strategy Document: Includes a plan of how we would approach matches in a real tournament in various settings. It also Includes our thoughts about some of the various aspects of the game including SANDSTORM, defense, and CARGO HOLD Prepopulation.

Powder Coating Document: We have been powder coating since 2017 and if teams would like to create their own powder coat oven this document from 2017 is a great resource.

Robot Technical Walkthrough: This document goes over every aspect of the final robot. We go throught the execution,effectiveness, and improvements for each subsystem.

Papers will be added as they are written.

_Snow_Problem_Robot_Strategy_for_Destination__Deep_Space.pdf (925.1 KB)
_Snow_Problem_Prototype_for_Destination__Deep_Space.pdf (4.5 MB)
_Snow_Problem_Tournament_Strategy_for_Destination__Deep_Space.pdf (1.2 MB)
_Snow_Problem_PowderCoating.pdf (298.9 KB)
CAD of Koios our robot this year
'Snow Problem Robot Technical Walkthrough


Very interesting! I really liked your ideas for the level 3 climber as it is a hard problem to solve. I think once you perfect a level 3 climber your robot is able to perform at a much higher level. :open_mouth:

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