paper: 2220's 2014 Scrapbook

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2220’s 2014 Scrapbook
by: cadandcookies

The 2014 “scrapbook” that we gave to the Judges and used as a pit presentation aid during the 2014 FRC season.

For the second year, we decided to create a “scrapbook” style document to reflect our team’s growth and outreach history. This year’s scrapbook is the product of over a dozen members of Team 2220-- writing, editing, and laying out our 2014 scrapbook. In particular, our 2013 Dean’s List finalist, Christina, was instrumental in creating graphics and laying out the document.

The scrapbook was given to the judges as part of our Chairman’s Presentation, and those who attended the North Star or 10000 Lakes Regionals may have gotten a chance to look through it.

If you have any questions about the process of creating the scrapbook or our program, feel free to ask here or via PM. I can also share some graphics elements (like the gears used throughout the document) upon request.

FRC2220-2014Scrapbook-R2.pdf (23.3 MB)

Page 11 is by far my favorite. Really like what you did with the whole scrapbook through! Keep up the good work.