paper: 2337's 2011 Rail/Plate Chassis Design

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2337’s 2011 Rail/Plate Chassis Design
by: GDG 2337

Here is an updated version of FRC Team 2337 2011 Plate/Rail Drive Chassis

As part of the GM “Pay it forward” initiative, to provide a resource library for Rookie Teams, here is an updated version of FRC Team 2337 Plate/Rail Drive Chassis, combining elements from the KoP frame and AM NanoTube Chassis. Contrary to popular belief, the NerdWorks does design, prototype and test drive bases that do not have Mecanum wheels. For some odd reason they’re not chosen for the Comp ‘Bot (2009 doesn’t count). This version uses all the same size large holes to fit AM 1.125” 3/8” round or hex and ½ inch round or hex bearings. The plate/rail designs allows for quick length and width size changes, the two plate setup accommodates multiple drive choices, features a standardized mounting hole pattern, uses Toughbox parts and will have the machinist complaining about all the holes.

FRC 2337 Plate_Rail Chassis Design.pptx (398 KB)