Paper: 4536 event simulator 2017

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4536 event simulator 2017
by: Caleb Sykes

This is a workbook which generates statistics and makes predictions during an event.

This workbook is a tool which can be used to simulate current 2017 events, or to calculate statistics for completed events. Data is pulled from the TBA API in the “data import” sheet. Explanations for how to use each sheet can be found in the “instructions and FAQ” sheet.

4536_event_simulator_2017.0.5.xlsm (1.41 MB)
4536_event_simulator_2017.1.0.xlsm (2.51 MB)
4536_event_simulator_2017.2.0.xlsm (2.53 MB)
4536_event_simulator_2017.3.1.xlsm (2.59 MB)
4536_event_simulator_2017.4.0.xlsm (2.59 MB)
4536_event_simulator_2017.5.0.xlsm (2.73 MB)
4536_event_simulator_2017.6.0.xlsm (3.23 MB)
4536_event_simulator_2017.7.0.xlsm (3.66 MB)
4536_event_simulator_2017.8.0.xlsm (3.32 MB)
4536_event_simulator_2017.8.1.xlsm (3.37 MB)
4536_event_simulator_2017.9.0.xlsm (2.88 MB)
4536_event_simulator_2017.9.2.xlsm (3.03 MB)

Primary discussion thread can be found [here]( paper: 4536 event simulator 2017).

Thanks for your love of statistics and your dedication.:slight_smile: