Paper: 4536 scouting database 2017

Anxious to try it. Can’t seem to find it though. Updated my data from MAR Montgomery. I assume that an updated version with this field is needed?

Nevermind, I found it. I’m a little new to this. Thanks again Caleb.

Is there a script I can run to populate some of the upcoming district championships with all of the qualified teams after week 5? Some of the districts seem to be populated while others are not. I assume that it must be based on how early that district’s last competition was completed. Most of these just wrapped up on week 5.

Thanks for your hard work and super valuable data.

All pre-populated values are based on the teams that were registered for that event as of the time I updated everything (~11pm last night). It seems that almost all teams for the CHS and PCH district champs were registered by that point, while very few from NE, MAR, and PNW were registered by that point.

I do have some scripts that might be helpful, but they are a bit finicky and I am not comfortable publishing them. If you have a team list, you can fill in the data yourself pretty easily using VLOOKUP on the seed values sheet.

Later tonight I will use current rankings to make a predicted attendance list and fill in seeds based off of that list instead of the registered teams list. If anyone from the above 3 districts knows of teams that will be declining their invitation, send me a better list of teams to use than the rankings so that I can use that.

A week 5 v 2 sheet has been updated. The only changes are to the PNW, NE, and MAR champs sheets. These sheets are now populated with the top ranked teams in the district. This is not an official team list for the event, so don’t treat it as such.

Congratulations to 2168 for qualifying for both NE champs and MAR champs. :rolleyes:

Wait, what?

Week 6 data has been updated. I’m not really sure how FIRST/TBA will be handling the divisions at Michigan champs, I assume they will be handled similarly to how divisions at champs are handled in that each division will get a unique event code, but I don’t know. If this is the case and people are interested, I can release a v2 later this week that contains seed data for each Michigan champs division.

As a team competing at MSC, I would be very interested. According to the blog, they will be running the assignment program Tuesday night, which leaves us very little time to pre-scout our division, I used your database as drive coach for the first morning of our second district. It was very helpful for setting match expectations before our scouters had collected enough information.


I have just posted a v2 for this week. MSC Divisional Information has been added. This also has updated team lists for ON Champs, Champs, and Seven Rivers.

Thank you for doing this effort in producing the statistics for the individual (~3,400) robots. I found the data quite useful. Looking forward to your update of the Houston championships
:wink: :smiley: :cool:

I have posted an update that has week 7 data as well as seed values for the Houston divisions.

It turns out that my current Elo system was not equipped to handle MSC. The currently posted calculated contributions are fine, but the Elo ratings for the teams that competed in the MSC semis/finals will not reflect the inter-divisional matches. I will be looking to see if there is an easy fix for this, but it isn’t a high priority of mine since I am only missing 6 matches.

I have posted an update which includes the St. Louis divisions. I also had the week 7 events double posted in the “world results” sheet in the previous version. This has now been corrected.

Houston champs data has been added. Just like for MSC finals, the teams that competed on Einstein will not have correct Elo ratings. Since none of these teams are also competing in St. Louis, it isn’t a big concern for me. My update next week will have all Elo ratings properly displayed.