paper: 488 Preseason Kinect Experiments

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488 Preseason Kinect Experiments
by: JohnGilb

An experiment in sending Kinect information to the cRIO as follows: Kinect → C# Interop .dll → Labview “Dashboard” on Driver Station → cRIO

488 isn’t a beta team, but wanted to do some experiments with using Kinect to control a robot. However, without the “Kinect Server” given to beta teams, we needed to write our own channel for getting information to the robot.

The channel works as follows:
-A C# dll using the Kinect for Windows SDK reads Kinect data directly
-A Labview program running on the Driver Station (a “Dashboard”) loads the dll at runtime and gets Kinect Data
-The Dashboard sends the Kinect information to the robot via TCP
-The cRIO program on the robot is listening for TCP data, and then uses it to drive.

The attached code includes the Dashboard program, and the libraries needed to make your own cRIO program to read data from that Dashboard.

488 Kinect (273 KB)

Some of the dependencies may need to be fixed, but the zip file should include everything we used to do our Kinect experiments.