paper: 836 Advanced Analytic Scouting using Business Inteligence

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836 Advanced Analytic Scouting using Business Inteligence
by: tim-tim

This is the presentaion that Steve Page and myself gave during the Robotics Conference in Atlanta. It directly correlates to the 836 Scouting paper we uploaded earlier in the season.

Using this paper along with the actual scouting paper posted earlier:

This is for the most part the system we use for scouting and strategy for each match. Using this system, we are able to walk into every match with a list of tendencies and can predict what there game plan will be. Most of the time we knew what their primary strategy would be, and often knew several different scenarios of if’s.

A saying we use is: “We will lose a match we should have won; but with good and effective scouting we will win matches we should have lost.” We put a large emphasis on field scouting and follow up with pit scouting.

Analyzing Scouting Data with Advanced Analytical Tools.ppt (1.54 MB)