paper: A guide to programming in MPLAB

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A guide to programming in MPLAB
by: Bomberofdoom

A simplified guide to programming in MPLab for FRC, based on first year exipirence.

I’ve worked on this thing as an article for our regional magzine our team is hosting, but it came out that my artical expanded in such a way that it kind of turned into a guide. It’s all based on my rookie year expirence with programming in MPLab and as a rookie I was hoping to hand over the basics of what I’ve learned and explain to other rookies in a “rookie to rookie” way (although I’m no longer a rookie, but I wrote it while I was).
I’m sure that there are other guides like this, much more accurate and much more easier to understand, but I was hoping that by posting this I could receive feedbacks on my writing and the way I’ve explained stuff.
Please feel free to comment in any way and I hope you will find this useful.

MPLab.doc (93.5 KB)