paper: Adambots Coprocessor Kickoff Presentaiton

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Adambots Coprocessor Kickoff Presentaiton
by: ScottWalls

A powerpoint detailing the very basics of coprocessor use and outlinining how one would use the code prewritten by the AdamBots

This powerpoint was presented at the Novi kickoff. It talks about the basics of using a coprocessor. Also, it discusses some of the finer points of the method that the AdamBots specifically used in 2006.

adamscoprocessorkickoffpresentation.pdf (614 KB)

Hello, we were interested in implementing the coprocessor for our own robot since we saw it in the kickoff. We went here and tried to find the actual python code that would be used in the coprocessor but would not find it anywhere.

Also, which coprocessor do you recommend for the robot? What would be the advantages of using one over another?

Thank you for your time.

In order to obtain the code, you should first get Bazaar, a version control system. You can get that at

Then, you should use bazaar’s branch function to get our python code at

The final bit of code typed into your terminal would be
bzr branch

Thank you for being a part of this growing community!

Thank you. We were able to successfully get the code.