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Aim, well, Kinda High
by: Billfred

How to convert Aim High into Aim, well, Kinda High within the span of an evening. Fun for the whole family.

The rules for Mission Mayhem’s variation on Aim High, as developed by about two or three dozen folks from five or six different teams and codified by yours truly. We managed to cram it onto two pages of content with bigger-than-average font, and the field as it sits in front of me seems to hold promise. A postmortem will be posted after the event. Included are rules for the game, field, and tournament; we’ll post drawings of the field at some point.

AIM KINDA HIGH Manual.doc (165 KB)

that’s so cool…

…maybe I should start preparing for battlecry w/o a targetting system


That is absolutely amazing. I give you all props for such extreme use of creativity and time management. I wonder what the official GDC would come up with in 3 hours, rather than 3 months?

Y’all certainly certainly live up to the mayhem in your name…


  1. Teams are expressly prohibited from saying “Team XXXX graciously accepts.”

I second that motion…i love it

so, what were the creative acceptances?

did you get a “HECK YEAH!!!”?

Umm i heard a “…yeahhh” an “of course” and…i don’t remember the rest, maybe someone can refresh my mind

I would rethink that thought if I were you. :wink:

Maybe I can get a lot of shirts from 365 and get people to run around the field just as auto starts. Maybe I can confuse your camera enough that you’ll shoot in my goal! :smiley:

Great work, if the GDC went through a Beetles like break up, (or are lost in a flood) FIRST would know who to turn to.

  1. In each match, one team will not play. While we will not require teams to rotate out from match to match, having two teams hog all of the matches would certainly not make your grandmother proud. Therefore, it is frowned upon.

Thats the greatest quote from a rule manual I’ve seen in awhile, great work, I hope everything worked out!

Honestly, this was a flat-out AMAZING game to watch. High intensity, lots of fights for the ramp, lots of scoring, lots of balls, lots of strategy.

A few things I noticed as the game unfolded…

-For all the fuss I put in to make sure that 80 balls was what made it into the manual, it seemed like a lot of teams weren’t taking advantage of it; lots of balls were ending the match in the corrals.

-The ramp is a bloodbath. If you got pushed off the top of it, odds are you were going over. Virtually nobody was safe. (We couldn’t really find any fault with the pushing; there was no high-speed action and nothing too rough in our judgement.)

-Virtually every type of robot can be competitive, except for dedicated rampcampers (of which there were none at Mission Mayhem).

-The space in midfield is about perfect for 2v2; there’s room enough to move across the field without being forced to cross the ramp (although you would benefit if you could), but not enough to allow for either ramming or an easy path.

All told, it was a hit. If I were to run this again, I might suggest running a few less balls on the floor (perhaps 60 instead of 80), or perhaps move the ramp to the middle of the field. What would the effects be? I’m not sure, but that’s what mayhem is all about, right? :wink:

I will have to toatally agree with Billfred on his post above. However, getting back to the going with out the green light targeting system amazingly this did not seem to bother 233 the Pink teams shooter at all. They did pretty much the same thing at every other Aim High competition they participated in, give them a 10 second opening and they could just flat out score even with some tremendous defense being played. Most of the other shooting machines seemed to be affected by not having the light though. At any rate what a blast that game was to see played.


Thanks to all who helped pull together the modified game! It was a true learning experience for our young team.

If anyone wants to see some of the Mayhem, our student Web Leader quickly added photos and video to our site. Sorry it is directed mainly toward our team. Hopefully some other teams captured some more pics/video of this truly innovative adaptation of Aim High.



That was quick! Whoever’s in charge of the video(-editing) team – give them a pat on the back!

oh boy

So… Someone dragged this relic up today.

I realize it was a makeshift solution in reaction to a murdered outdoor field at this offseason, but I really like what became of it. Someone should run an annual offseason that uses the current year’s FRC bots to play a similar, but modified game.

At Battlecry (WPI) last year they made the white bridge worth points for your alliance, so there was a king-of-the-hill aspect of the game with robots getting rocked off the bridge and such.

Not at all what I mean, though.

I want to see a game that uses the same robots, but is a fundamentally different game. Like maybe for this year, shooting frisbees into a center-field goal above the playing field.

Aim, well, Kinda High was a very different game than Aim High, despite using parts of an Aim High field, and played with Aim High robots.