Paper Airplanes in St. Louis

We aren’t the only ones who can do it.

Cap by SBNation

Oh boy. This thread again.

I was hoping to not see another paper airplane thread, especially before kickoff. :rolleyes:

In all seriousness, where was this picture taken?

Tonight, about 40 minutes ago.

A picture tells a thousand words.

Hint: it relates to something happening in baseball.

The graphics are a dead giveaway. Especially the one in the upper right!

I turned to my father and said, “Remind you of a certain OTHER Championship?”

And now there’s this:


I had already gone to my last post on paper airplanes at the Championship for the purpose of copying it over here and reminding everyone that this discussion is old and has been rehashed a million times… but thank you for honestly surprising me and making me chuckle.

It’s still horribly disrespectful to the event - no matter what event - but at least this wasn’t yet-another-thread on an issue we all know is a problem.

Is there something in the water in STL? I’ve never seen so many paper airplane enthusiasts…

This… this made my day. (Along with a Sox win, of course.)

Libby have you heard of a little thing called “The Spirit of St. Louis”?

Are you saying that there’s not something in the water, but in the air? :wink:

My reaction to seeing this thread:

Maybe Boeing is doing a secret contest or something.

I’d love to see Boeing be an official sponsor that handed out pieces of paper to make a “Boeing” paper airplane for Championships.

Or even just have a paper airplane contest just before Einstein to ‘get it out of the way’…(this is a horrible idea, don’t do it.)

Actually, this has been Dave Lavery’s greatest game hint ever.

Oooh, flying game! Seems like someone has been thinking ahead, everyone else needs to catch up!


They did a flying game a couple of years ago for the college kids.

Oh you’re just mean spirited.

Lockheed and Martin Marietta = St. Louis. They eventually merged.

Also TWA used St. Louis as a mid-continent hub.

Lambert in STL has a cool terminal designed by Minoru Yamasaki.
Damaged in the tornado a couple of years ago.
It echoed the design of the JFK terminal designed by Eero Saarinen.

Paper airplanes are def a St. Louis thing. It’s in the air.

Boeing = Seattle, though HQ is in Chicago.

Lockheed Martin’s locations map doesn’t show anything near St. Louis.

Boeing Defense, Space and Security division is in St. Louis. Seattle is the commercial airplanes.