paper: Alliance Seeds and Results - 2015

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Alliance Seeds and Results - 2015

A breakdown of how often each alliance seed advances from each level of Eliminations

Using The Blue Alliance API and a Python script, I collected data on how many of each seeded alliances were the Winners, Finalists, Semifinalists, and Quarterfinalists this year. I used these numbers to calculate the percentage of alliances of each seed that advance to each level of Playoff rounds.

Alliance Seeds and Results - 2014:

Alliance Seeds and Results - 2015.xlsx (22 KB)

By “seed” do you mean alliance?
Interesting result. I think it was 2014 that an 8th seed alliance won, so if you got to finals as 8th seed you had a 50% of winning lol.

Yes, that’s what I meant. I chose weird wording when I wrote it last year and felt like keeping it consistent. I may upload a reworded revision later today.

It was last year. Two #8 alliances made it to finals, and one won, hence the 50%. This year, no #8 alliances won, but nearly twice as many advanced past quarterfinals, because defeating the #1 alliance was not required to do so.