paper: Aluminum Falcons (FRC2168) 2011 Scouting System Ver 1.1

Up for your review and consideration is the Aluminum Falcons (FRC2168) 2011 Scouting System

It is a fairly programmed excel based system for data entry and evaluation.

Please note that it was develeped in Excel 2003.

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Aluminum Falcons (FRC2168) 2011 Scouting System Ver 1.1
by: jwfoss

Scouting System Developed in Excel 2003 for the FIRST Robotics 2011 Competition LogoMotion

Update Ver 1.2

  • Corrected Protection Errors

Update Ver 1.3

  • Fixed for Easier To Print Sheet w/ Added Comment Section

Update Ver 1.4

  • Corrected Penalty Issue
  • Fixed The Sorting
  • Added The Ability To Delete Rows From Database

Update Ver 1.5

  • Clears entries after inputting
  • Won’t allow entries unless there is a team number and a match number

Update Ver 1.6

  • Fixed Scoring Error
  • Added Comments Section Into Data
  • Fixed Minibot Plot
  • Made Data Input Easier

Championship Edition

  • Now Contains selectable team lists from Championships
  • Only able to enter real teams in your division
  • OPR from Ed Law’s System from previous regionals included
  • Added some metrics: Manuverability and Minibot Time
  • Posted a Fully Unprotected Sheet, we suggest not changing anything!

Championship Edition Updated Team Lists as of 4/25/2011

  • Updated To Current Team Lists, Please be sure you have this latest Edition!

Full scouting system Including:
Printable Scouting Sheets
A Data Input Page
Various Data Analysis Aids

Note: Was written in Excel 2003 using both embeded code and Visual Basic, there may be compatibility issues with other versions in excel.

Teams Currently Planning To Use This System:
2168, 176, 71, 1023, 272, 1710, 1991, 3374, 103, 3138, 3322, 1922, 1730

1626 Used the System to Scout & Win at SBPLI!

2011_Scouting_System_1.2.xls (429 KB)
2011_Scouting_System_1.3.xls (429 KB)
2011_Scouting_System_1.4.xls (673 KB)
2011_Scouting_System_1.5.xls (677 KB)
2011_Scouting_System_1.6.2.xls (705 KB)
2011_AFSS_ChampionshipEdition_UP.xls (734 KB)
2011_AFSS_ChampionshipEdition_1.1.xls (730 KB)

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: WOOOOOOOWWWW this is awesome. You should be very proud of yourself. Do I have your permission to borrow this and modify for my teams usage???

Wow, very nice. Only question I have is on the “Scout Data Input” or “Printable Sheets”, you have different options for combinations of tubes on the pegs…how do you record, for example, if there is a Red and White on the peg, or Blue and Blue, vs. just having a normal tube and an uber tube? Basically, how do you record if a robot scores more than one tube on a peg that is not an ubertube?

Maybe split each scoring square into two? Other than that, it looks great!

Thanks for the positive comments. I am very proud of our team this year. Feel free to use the system as it is, however the code and sheets are currently locked from being modified besides the normal inputs (for use by the scouts).

The difference in the sheets is for ease of the scouts filling them out. In terms of have multiple tubes on a single peg (one of them not being an ubertube) I am under the assumption that this is not likely to happen as only the “outtermost” tube counts for points. <G63> If two GAME PIECES are HANGING from a single SCORING PEG, the outermost GAME PIECE will be counted for scoring purposes. If we see this happening at regionals the code will be modified to monitor that as well.

Thanks again for taking a look at our system, we appreciate the comments!

That’s a phenomenal system - it not only looks great, but you definitely will have sound and comprehensive data at the end of qualifications.
Good work! :slight_smile:

This is impressive.

Have you practiced how long it will take to enter the data after every match? I suspect you will need to have 1 dedicated scout that just enters data as it will take longer than the 3-5 minutes to input everything in between matches. We only input some of the information that we collect into excel, so we can have an extra scout watch matches.

Two suggestions:
I would add a comment section on the printable form. I don’t want to think of the information we would have lost if we didn’t have a comment section.

Also, perhaps you could make the printable sheet more printer friendly. Not just the colors but the grey will take a lot of ink (and time).

Thanks for the suggestions XaulZan11, I agree on the “printability” of the sheets, thanks for catching that. I’m looking into the comment section, however I am interested to see how observant our scouts will be without direct things to look for. The data in the system is currently not very subjective.

On a side note, 80+ downloads and very few comments?

WOW! This looks awesome. Phenomenal work. I will definitely be sharing this and may use it fully, or use it as a template for another scout system. Once again, great work and good luck in the 2011 season. :slight_smile:


wow, This is great thanks for the upload.
lots of teams will appreciate this.

Alright…after looking at the latest version (1.3) I noticed just a couple thing

1 )Like Jstack14 mentions below, all teams show that it recieves 1 penalty for every match played on the “Data Analysis” tab, regardless if you said they actually got one or not.

  1. Would it be possible to add a box showing the autonomous score percentage (# scores vs. # matches played/attempts) on the “Team Template” tab next to the graphs in a big font?

Also, now that I think about it, I feel like the graphs would be more useful if they were averages, rather than just displaying historical data, or at least a seperate box next to the graphs showing these averages. The historical data can be seen under the graphs at the individual match data. When glancing quickly at the “Team Template” Im looking for quick information, and not so much what happened in each individual match.

  1. Also, I could not get the sorting from High to Low, or Low to High working on the “Pick List” or “Data Analysis” tabs, specifically for the average and Qual rank columns

If these things could get fixed/added and reuploaded it would be great!

Incredible! Maybe i am missing it but is there a way to delete an input? If not that would be a useful feature incase someone inacuratley puts in data and needs to change it.

another quick change, it is adding 1 penalty for ever match no matter what. Can you edit that?


This looks pretty nice. Great job. After work I’ll take a closer look at it. It reminds me of what I have started and haven’t finished… maybe I don’t have to finish mine now :slight_smile:

I also noticed that it was adding a penalty point even if there was none. A simple solution was to remove the option of “No” under the penalty drop down box. I made it so my scouters can only select yes. If there are no penalties the box just stays blank.

Update 1.4
Corrected Various Programming Issues.

Thanks again for positive comments and suggestions. Sorry we cannot add or change everything suggested but we will strive to fix things are not working correctly.

For those of you currently planning to use our system, please post here as we would love to see the number of teams using it.

Also, if you are going to be at BAE, SBPLI, WPI, or CT I’d love to stop by and talk to you about it.

FRC2168 will be at WPI and CT.

Team 1023 is currently planning on using this system :slight_smile:

We think (272) we will be using it. I am currently running it through some simulations. I would really love to get my hands on the source code if I could. There is some mods I would like to develop. I understand if you cant never blame someone for holding onto their intellectual property

Something else I think your system is scoring incorectly???

<G65> The PEG SCORE is the sum of points determined by the positions of the GAME PIECES on each SCORING GRID. A LOGO PIECES HANGING in front of an UBERTUBE doubles the points for that SCORING PEG.

I have been interpreting this to mean that the ubbertubes are merely doublers and do not in of them selves provide points. Your system seems to be implying that they do. For instance if I but nothing but an ubbertube on the top row your system indicates a score of 6. My understanding is this would be 0 unless another game piece was over the ubbertube. The ubbertube would then double the value and make it worth 6.

Have I been reading this incorrectly the whole time. Im confussing myself now…

Take a look at <G64>. The UBERTUBES contribute points towards the AUTONOMOUS SCORE, which would be where the 6 points are coming from in your example. Additionally, the UBERTUBES double the score of any tube that is placed over them, and that contributes to the PEG SCORE (see <G65>). By <G63> the MATCH SCORE is the sum of the AUTONOMOUS SCORE, PEG SCORE, LOGO BONUS, and RACE SCORE.

Kristian beat me to it.

Thanks to those who have thus far said you plan to use the system. I hope it serves you well.