Paper: AMB Design Spreadsheet v3

Tank you for your answer and the help. It must come from my computer but it is just the graph that isn’t working so I still have the values to work with. (Just could you tell me what’s the cell range used by the graph because I think it come from here). I’ll definitely try the new version of jessek calculator. :wink:

The graph pulls data from cells P100:T500. The text there is white to hide it; if you want to see the values you’ll need to change the text color. If the macros aren’t working right though, there may not be any data there since each time it runs the macros clear the data then fill it to the proper length.

Can you clarify on what a cycle is? I am reading it to mean 1 cycle is 1 extension and 1 retraction of a cylinder. But one of the other mentors on my team thinks it is 2 cycles for 1 extension and 1 retraction. Thanks

First of all, this version of the calculator is pretty outdated. The most recent version is online at (or v5 if you need Excel).

I’ll answer your question anyway because the definition hasn’t changed since this version. One cycle is equal to one extension and one retraction. They’re simulated to happen at the same time which isn’t 100% accurate but works fine for simulation.

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Okay. That is what I was looking for. And I found your website this morning, so I’ll use that going forward. Thanks again!