paper: AMB Design Spreadsheet

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AMB Design Spreadsheet
by: AriMB

A set of spreadsheet calculators useful for designing FRC robots.

There is now a v2 with bug fixes and more options here

This is a set of spreadsheet calculators I have designed/compiled for my team to use designing our robot. I am posting this here both to share it with the community and to have it hosted online for my team to use. Feel free to use it or suggest improvements.

[list][]Drivetrain Calculator
]Mechanism Gear Ratio Calculator
[]Chain/Belt C-C Calculator
]Gear Size Calculators
[]Pneumatics Calculator
]Useful Values

AMB Design Spreadsheet v1.1.xlsx (101 KB)
AMB Design Spreadsheet v1.2.xlsx (126 KB)

While presenting the spreadsheet to my students, I noticed a few math errors with converting to metric. They should all be fixed now, so v1.1 has been uploaded.

With kickoff approaching, I figure it’s a good time to post the most recent version on my spreadsheet and bump this thread for anyone who might not have seen it over the offseason.

Changes include:

  • Updated pneumatics calculations based on this thread from over the summer.
  • Added clearance calculator to ensure gearbox gears/shafts don’t interfere with eachother
  • Added calculator to help find closest COTS gear to ideal from Ratio & Distance Calculator
  • Added 2 new legal motors (note: new brushless motors are non-linear so approximations are less accurate)
  • Added ratio tester in Mechanism Ratio sheet to help find reductions that will produce the desired ratio