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Android Scouting App for Arial Assist
by: tr6scott

Scouting app for Android Phones, using SMS to populate a central Google Sheet for a team. Uses App Inventor for application, Twilio for SMS message data communication to the sheet.

To use this system, one will need to be technical savvy with the technologies used. It has been a long learning process for the team this year, and is working, but there is not an easy one click, everything works setup button.

The app is created in App Inventor ( Google account). The app collects data into variables, then creates a comma separated text string from the variables. Next, when the submit button is pressed, the text is sent to the Twilio number, which then calls the script that separates the string into values that are entered into the spreadsheet. There are three different sheets. The first sheet shows autonomous data, the second shows teleop data and third is descriptive data. This app uses SMS (phone texting on Android phone) to enter data. This was done due to lack of wifi or data signals at venues, and the rules restricting Bluetooth or other such signals to be utilized.

I am not the programmer for this app, but our team will be happy to answer questions, and take feedback.

InstructionsforTORCAerialAssistScoutApp.docx (282 KB)
Aerial_Assist_Scout_v6.aia (48.4 KB)
Aerial Scout Script version 6.txt (5.46 KB)
Aerial Assist Scout version 6 changes.txt (1.53 KB)
Aerial Assist Scout v6 Data.xlsx (10.6 KB)

When I run the google script I receive the following error:
TypeError: Cannot read property “parameter” from undefined. (line 5, file “Code”)Dismiss

I think I am following the directions. This occurs during Step 3 at the top of page 3 of the instructions. My cell is dead a reply here is probably best. Thanks

That is an error that is expected. Since you don’t have a text coming through, there is no “parameter”. The won’t actually run until a text comes through, but you have to try to run so that you can go through the Google permissions. The permissions allow the script to access the Google Spreadsheet.

I will add that to the instructions. Let me know if you have any other questions, it will help me to write more complete instructions.

Please note the following:

*All buttons use a “long-click” to subtract, that way if a button is pressed accidentally it can be subtracted. The Assist button is a toggle.

*Data is submitted every time a goal is scored , the end cycle button is pressed or the submit button is pressed. When you view the data in the spreadsheet, there WILL BE duplicates. The “remove duplicate rows” Google script can be used in the autonomous data (sheet 1) and the robot description sheet(sheet 3). In the teleop data sheet that script will not work because of the timestamp. In that case, rows can be sorted by robot number, then cycle number. If there is multiple rows for one cycle then those extra rows can be removed. We may create a script for just removing rows where data is duplicated just in certain rows, but we have not done that yet.

Go to TORC website ]( to download latest version of this app and the new and improved script file that will prevent duplicate data from being entered into the spreadsheet.

Updated files are now posted here, please update if you have downloaded prior to 2014-02-26.

The row duplication issue has been fixed by the new script. Use script_v5.

Users of this app will need to go in and change the events list to their own team’s events. The “Choose Event” button is a list picker. Go to the properties and in the “ElementsFromString” property, type in events separated by a comma.

Up to version 5, this app separates the string by commas. We will fix this in the future but in the meantime don’t use comma’s in your comments or team number or match number. If you do, your data will not go into the expected places on the spreadsheet.

Just installed v5 however the duplicates are still there, as well as differing duplicates.

I believe that a tutorial video would be very helpful.

Did you use the v5 script (as well as app inventor v5 .aia file)?

Did you use the v5 script (as well as app inventor v5 .aia file)?

Just as a side, it looks like you pressed the submit button without entering any data for the tele cycle. The way it’s set up, it will enter the auto data when the End Cycle button is pressed, or a goal button is pressed in tele (either high or low), so you don’t have to scroll down and enter the auto data at all.

Regarding a tutorial video, yes we probably should put out a tutorial. This app is really meant as a jumping off point for programmers on other teams to use, and build on. It’s definitely not a perfect end product.

Yes, I used all the new updates

You need to press the “start cycle” button. The cycle number in your tele data was 0, which is one of the parameters that the script checks.
Also the data was different in each row of the data on the third sheet because the telepoints changed.
…still not quite sure why it entered another row in autonomous that was identical. I’m trying to duplicate it and it doesn’t happen.

One of my students downloaded and set it up today. Looks pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!

It looks good, thanks for sharing

TORC is happy to share!

Great work being done here.
I have the newest script.
I get a error on the phone.
‘IO Error : unable to create GvHelper’
Any help would be greatly appropriated.

Hazmat 2145

I have never seen that error, but found this on a App Inventor discussion, you might check (you will have to go into App Inventor and check the text1 object properties.

  • The Texting component has to have its GoogleVoiceEnabled property set to true.
  • The app has to be packaged and downloaded to the phone – it won’t run from the blocks editor.

Wow fast response. I did the compile again and get no error now.
The next issue i have :slight_smile: is when i submit i get a text message on my phone but no update on Google drive. I know i am close.
Thanks for the help
Hazmat 2145