paper: Applied Engineering to Non-FIRST Applications: Redesigning Lacrosse Mesh

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Applied Engineering to Non-FIRST Applications: Redesigning Lacrosse Mesh
by: BJC

This paper shows the process behind designing and implimenting more effective mesh for use in lacrosse sticks.

This paper highlights the use of the engineering design process I’ve learned in FIRST and applies it to non-FIRST problems. Specifically, the mesh in lacrosse sticks.

Applied Engineering to NonFIRST Applications Redesigning Lacrosse Mesh.pdf (1.17 MB)

This paper is a result of a project I worked on over the summer. I think it really highlights how the engineering process learned in FIRST can be applied to non-FIRST problems by students. This specific paper deals with the redesign of lacrosse mesh; something I would guess most people involved in FIRST have no prior knowledge about. Even so, I posted this because I felt the members of Chief Delphi might take inspiration from it.

Sincerely, Bryan Culver


It is clear that you’ve picked up a thing or two about iterative design, and using a structured design process during your time on the Bees.

Kudos to you for using a design process like this to solve a problem – you’re on your way to becoming an engineer.

Double kudos to you for documenting your process in this paper and posting it for other to see and learn from!


I really like your paper Bryan. Are there any rules or constraints on what materials are allowed to be used?

There are many restrictions on how the ball sits in the pocket. However, There are not any restrictions that I aware of on what the actual mesh is made out of. Even so, I wouldn’t imagine that I would be allowed to play a game with a woven metal pocket or something like that. Remember that the stick is also used defensively so I will be whacking people with it very hard which brings up a safety factor. I can see making it out of fishing line or something, but there are many other factors to consider. For example fishing line would provide much less friction on the ball so it would be able to fall out much more easily. Alternatively, something that is too grippy would not allow the ball to come out consistently when throwing. The companies that make lacrosse sticks developed that specific string over a long period of time. Because it is proven to work so well, I decided it was probably the best stuff for the job.

This is way AWESOME !!

I wish every student would do something like this. Keep up the good work…